Coracles, Castanets, Cadaqués


  • Kathleen M. Gough University of Vermont


playscript, therapy, autobiography, William Blake, Salvador Dalí, Christ Pantocrator, complementarity


This ReView of a series of therapy sessions that took place two years ago, over a period of seven months, takes the form of a theatrical text written for the stage. Coracles, Castanets, Cadaqués is part monologue, part comedy, part detective story, and part history lesson and follows the story of theatre professor who makes an appointment with a therapist. What ensues is a sonic and surrealistic autobiographical tale of lost orientation, and of learning to turn an eye into an ear in order to hear the ways that our own darkness is looped with our grandest understanding of love. Oh, and there’s a tiger.

Author Biography

Kathleen M. Gough, University of Vermont

Kathleen Gough is an Associate Professor and resident dramaturge in the Department of Theatre at the University of Vermont. Her monograph, Kinship and Performance in the Black and Green Atlantic: Haptic Allegories (2013) won the 2014 Errol Hill Award for Outstanding Scholarship in African American Theatre & Performance from ASTR. Currently she is investigating how theories of sound and image as they are conceptualized in Byzantine and medieval European culture can be put to greater critical use in understanding current trends in contemporary experimental performance. Thanks to a Vermont Artist Space Grant from the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and a Summer Research Grant from the Humanities Center and Office of Vice President at the University of Vermont, Coracles, Castanets, Cadaqués will have its first public reading/performance at the FlynnSpace in Burlington, VT in August 2017.


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“Coracles, Castanets, Cadaqués”. 2017. Performance Philosophy 3 (1): 246-65.





How to Cite

“Coracles, Castanets, Cadaqués”. 2017. Performance Philosophy 3 (1): 246-65.