Being and Showtime: ReView


  • Beverly Fresh


In the ReView I will re-experience notions of time explored in “The About Time Show” (Chapter 6 of Being And Showtime) which repeats and extends Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology and Time-Consciousness. I first became interested in using common language to disorient the audience in a 2015 iteration of my traveling one-man show called “MR. MDWST.” From 2017-2019 I further explored how language can dislocate time through guttural chanting, repetition, and call and response in “Wild American Dogs Big Time Traveling Tent Revival,” another performance project. Reading Steeves’ chapter on time revived and deepened my interest in the potential of vocal performance to confuse time and space and inspired me to compose “Ode to H. Peter Steeves” and to resurrect my own examination of time through a newly created series of multi-modal, multi-dimensional performances re-presenting Steeves’ investigation in new forms of action. This ReView will lead Performance Philosophy audiences to re-experience notions of time by intentionally disorientating through an expanded ReView format and the performance of language thus disrupting our shared experiences of time.

Author Biography

Beverly Fresh,

BEVERLY FRESH (Zack Ostrowski) is a contemporary artist and musician.

Beverly has exhibited and performed throughout the United States and internationally, including China, Japan, Peru, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, France and Germany. Recent notable exhibitions and performances include, REALLY SOMETHIN ELSE (2018), a solo exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum, MR MDWST - A REAL GOOD TIME (2015), a solo exhibition at the Cranbrook Museum of Art, TAKE THE BACK ROADS AND COLLECT MYSELF (2014) and a solo exhibition at the Pavillon am Milchhof (Berlin). He is the co-founder of sUPERIORbelly (1999), a multi-media art and design collective and record label based in Detroit, and cofounder of WILD AMERICAN DOGS (2013), an interdisciplinary art duo focused on producing experimental feature films and performance. In 2016, he co-founded the Archive of Midwestern Culture with Sociologist Greg Scott.

He has a BFA in Graphic Design/Interactive Media from the College for Creative Studies and an MFA from the 2D Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he was the 2009 recipient of the Daimler AG Emerging Artist Award.

In 2017, he was the Visiting Designer-In-Residence and Head of the 2D Department at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He is an Associate Professor and Area Head of Graphic Art at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

In 2021, Beverly Fresh was recognized with the Meier Achievement Award for mid-career arts professionals.


Steves, H. Peter. 2020. Being and Showtime. Chicago: Sawbuck.




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“Being and Showtime: ReView”. 2022. Performance Philosophy 7 (1): 227-32.

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“Being and Showtime: ReView”. 2022. Performance Philosophy 7 (1): 227-32.