sobre conexões que transcendem o controle

[about links that transcend control]


  • Ana Lira



This is a text by the Brazilian artist, photographer, curator, storyteller, editor, and articulator Ana Lira, that provides a preface to the writings gathered in South Boom Boom: this special section of the Performance Philosophy journal. In the text, Lira reflects on how the texts demonstrate different layers of refusal to the "visible and symbolic violence, which gains new contours in each cycle, continues to (de)mark creative lives even in territories that claim to be revising their "colonial pasts, structures and methodologies."

Author Biography

Ana Lira

Visual artist, photographer, curator, radio host, writer and editor based in Recife (PE - Brazil). She is a specialist in Cultural Journalism with an emphasis on Theory and Critique of Culture. It observes (in)visibility as a form of power and pays attention to dynamics involving everyday sensitivities. His practice is based on collective processes and partnerships, having worked with them for more than two decades. In these initiatives, it is dedicated to strengthening collaborative creation practices that observe the between the lines of power relations that affect our communication process, the articulations of everyday life and the way we produce knowledge in the world. She is a member of the collective, Nacional Trovoa and CARNI - Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena. 




How to Cite

Lira , Ana. 2022. “Sobre Conexões Que Transcendem O Controle: [about Links That Transcend Control]”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):173-80.



Special section: South Boom Boom