Diary of a Colonial Diarrhea: Trying to justify the unjustifiable


  • Rodrigo Batista Independent artist




This is a text by the Brazilian theatre maker and educator, Rodrigo Batista. For Batista: this is an essay “resulting from a process of artistic reflection condemned by the neoliberal ties of individualism and the boycott of collective and decentralized thoughts. It is a diary of colonial diarrhea, generated by centuries-old bad meals, seasoned with Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and the maintenance of hegemonies that continue to explode entire digestive systems, killing cultures and exposing rotten intestines on hygenic screens for consumption 24/7”. 

Author Biography

Rodrigo Batista, Independent artist

Rodrigo Batista is a Brazilian theatre maker and educator based in Amsterdam. In the context of the DAS Theatre Master Programme, he developed a collection of pieces aiming at bringing insurrection into the performance space. Previous to his work in Europe, he worked for over 10 years with his São Paulo-based group “[pH2]: estado de teatro”. They presented theatrical investigations in dialogue with philosophy, cinema and dance, which received several grants and prizes. Rodrigo presented works in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Moreover, he worked as a theatre educator in several cultural and social programmes in São Paulo.


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Batista, Rodrigo. 2022. “Diary of a Colonial Diarrhea: Trying to Justify the Unjustifiable”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):181-87. https://doi.org/10.21476/PP.2022.72385.



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