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This is a text by the Chilean artist, Paula Montecinos Oliva. The text is a confluence of written streams, influenced by conversations, practices and creative processes shared with Johan Mijail, Flavia Pinheiro, Pedro Matias, Devika Chotoe, Veza Fernandez, Papaya Kuir Collective and accompanied by the writings of Gloria Anzaldua, Edouard Glissant, Fred Moten and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, among others. 

Author Biography

Paula Montecinos Oliva, Independent artist

Paula Montecinos Oliva is a Chilean choreographer, sonic artist and researcher based in Amsterdam. She works with sound, bodies, vibrations and transduction to explore the performativity, agency and mobilizing potential of movement, voice and  embodiment. Her research includes the experimentation with sonic technologies, written matter and somatic movement, creating hybrid formats of performances, concerts and installation that aim to create spaces of relationality beyond the individual. Current projects involve the work with anarchival sonic practices, as counter-narrative to hegemonic and monotonic worldviews and epistemologies. Paula’s work has been presented in art institutions, independent venues and public spaces in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and England. She graduated from the MA DAS Choreography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, teaches somatic movement laboratories and works as an artistic advisor in creative process.




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Montecinos Oliva, Paula. 2022. “Champurrias”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):188-98.



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