Reflections on curatorial articulation practices. A collective doing: that's why I don't write alone


  • Mario Lopes DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam



In this text, Brazilian artist Mario Lopes addresses how he redefines and reuses the word "curatorship" through his practices according to nine specific steps and introduces the idea of Afrotranstopia. As Lopes explains: “For a long time, the term "curator" has triggered noises and conflicts in me. I question the practices and market logics operating within our viral system, which I call PACACO-bi: Patriarchy, Capitalism and Colonialism within a binary structure. I name "PACACO-bi" this syndemic virus of our history, which affects us as humanity and governs us as a society. For this reason, considering myself a curator is a permanent conflict in each experience where I act as such. I try to exercise a curatorial practice that, on principle, combats this viral system, constantly asking myself: Is it possible to break with the logics immanent to the capitalist system, at the same time freeing myself from the patriarchal place of power? Is it possible to overcome the binary logic and colonial methods of action pervading social relations?”  

Author Biography

Mario Lopes, DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam

Mario Lopes is a Brazilian born in São Paulo choreographer, articulator and master student at DAS Choreography - Amsterdam University of the Arts. After more than 15 choreographic works realised in Brazil, Germany, France, Mexico, Switzerland and Finland I am now working on the last part of my trilogy called "Movimento" in collaboration with artists from São Paulo, Munich, Maputo, Helsinki and Lyon. Due to the pandemic, "Movimento III_Celebration, post-tsunami foams", became a choreographed film, premiered in August 2021 at FRESTAS, Contemporary Art Triennial of SESC São Paulo, in Brazil, and embraces the concept of Afrotranstopia, which I keep developing with the support of a large collective of Afrodiasporic artists. At the moment, besides developing a digital platform for dance creation with my partner Victor Pardinho, CEO of Sense of Space, I am working on the adaptation of the film for the stage.
Recent awards and grants: [2022] NPN Stepping Out [2021] Einzelprojektförderung für Freie Tanzschaffende, Kulturreferat München [2021] AVEK - Förderung von Filmproduktionen in Helsinki [2021] Grant Holland Scholarship [2020] Stipendium - Kulturreferat München.


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