El pensamiento selvage

[The Savage Mind / La Penseìe sauvage]


  • Flavia Pinheiro Independent artist




This is a text by the Brazilian artist Flavia Pinheiro. For Pinheiro, “This essay is an attempt to ask—in a frustrated and submerged, tear-sunken technology of wording and on behalf of the ones who never had the right to live or who do not belong, or those who have never been here, for those who died right after birth—what it could be if we dream and act together, towards indiscipline and disruption of macrostructures”. 

Author Biography

Flavia Pinheiro, Independent artist

Flavia Pinheiro is a choreographer and performer from Recife, Brazil, currently based in Amsterdam. Her research foregrounds networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by fabulative speculations around Science and Technologies. Her artistic practice in an ongoing attempt to create breathing and vital conditions; in an unstoppable dance she creates improbable exchanges with the nonhumans such as bacterias, plants, birds, antelopes and ghosts. She focuses in states of survival and a refusal of captivity   by proposing a radical ontological turn. She navigates in different medias (photography, video, performance, installation, sound, writing) to underline  how diversity and transversality  can contribute to (un)learning colonial pedagogies. 


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Pinheiro, Flavia. 2022. “El Pensamiento Selvage: [The Savage Mind / La Penseìe Sauvage]”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):207-22. https://doi.org/10.21476/PP.2022.72388.



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