Sub-Atlantic Abyss


  • Isis Andreatta DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam



This is a text by the Brazilian dance maker, choreographer and performer Isis Andreatta. For Andreatta, “This writing is a reverie about inhabiting the abyss of sub-atlantic life. An outline of a storytelling about subverting physical and metaphysical margins. Diving. A confident act of raving deliriously along the edges is a way of existing beyond the stigmas of “Terra Firme”. For her, this text is a gesture to embody fiction as a commitment with a non hegemonic imaginary and an alliance between anticolonial, anti-racist and anti-manicomial practices. 

Author Biography

Isis Andreatta, DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam

Isis Andreatta (1988) is a Brazilian dance maker [São Paulo/BR] and works as performer, choreographer, therapist and educator. Her artistic practice has been focused on the emergence of movement and writing with na interest in investigating non-hierarchical relationships between perception, imagination and physicality. She’s been interested in contexts involving interdisciplinarity among knowledge situated in the frontiers between art, therapy, philosophy and politics such as: contemporary clinical mental health, principles of somatic education, decolonial philosophies and cultural studies. She is co-director and member of Grupo VÃO since 2009 and since 2017 she’s co-coordinator of the Open Theater and Clinic Group, a context of artistic and clinical approaches with people undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Currently based in Amsterdam she’s doing a master DAS Choreography [2021-2023] at DAS Graduate School (through the Holland Scholarship]


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