Os Pássaros

[The Birds]


  • Carolina Bianchi DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam




This is a text by the Brazilian theatre director, dramaturg and performer, Carolina Bianchi. As Bianchi writes, this text is: “a small reflection on working practices; and to talk about practices it is inevitable that we take into consideration the collectivisation of passions. And if I talk about passions, I talk about my anger. If, for a very long time, the word behind a lot of things in my work was eroticism or libido, I would say that now it is anger. I write with a lot of anger, punishing the keys of my borrowed computer, as if my fingers were iron hammers. In the eye of the pandemic in 2020, since I joined the University of Amsterdam to start a Master's degree, what does it mean to be at a physical distance from those I’ve been working with every day for the last years?” 

Author Biography

Carolina Bianchi, DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam

Carolina Bianchi is a theatre director, dramaturg and performer. Her research inhabits spaces between theatre, performance, dance dealing with problems related to patriarchy, phantasmagoria, historical pacts, gender as crisis, colonial heritages, and eroticism as part of a performative investigation. She is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is in the second year of the Master programme at DAS Theatre at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (through the Orange Tulip Scholarship). 


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Bianchi, Carolina. 2022. “Os Pássaros: [The Birds]”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):231-39. https://doi.org/10.21476/PP.2022.72390.



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