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This provocation responds to Lagunaries' participation as a keygroup in Philosophy Performance Problems 2022. Using our constantly evolving methodology to work with texts and stories, we set out to think together through a coral writing exercise, the different meanings to the words key and group. In Spanish key is both a llave and a clave, which in turns unlock different meanings.  We also use the word grupa to propose breaking away from established non-feminist ways of being together.

Author Biography


Lagunaries (b. 2020) is a collective/laboratory for rehearsals in movement. We were not united by love, but by horror: horror of normative pedagogy and disembodied theory. During an online seminar promising an alternative way of looking at theory and contemporary art, but that turned out to be linear and hierarchical, we got together as a collective to rehearse possible iterations of those theories and texts, but using our body, dance and personal genealogies. Our collective has only once met in person and has developed a distinctive series of exercises and mechanisms through which to explore the limits of our personal and collective journeys as artists, archivists, educators, dancers, choreographers, actors, students, and researchers. [email protected] // colectivolagunaries.hotglue.me




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Lagunaries. 2022. “Hacia Helsinki / Helsinki Bound”. Performance Philosophy 7 (2):7-15. https://doi.org/10.21476/PP.2022.72402.



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