Telematic Dance and Live Coding

Α Collaborative Experiment in Cyber-Physical Performance and Education


  • Iannis Zannos Ionian University
  • Stella Dimitrakopoulou Department of Performing and Digital Arts, University of Peloponnese


telematic performance, interactive arts, telematic dance


The present paper investigates aspects of technologically mediated embodied interaction in dance-driven music performance based on an educational collaboration project between a computer music researcher and a dance researcher. We relate the experiences we made during a collaboration with students between two undergraduate courses in Greece, using a system with low-cost wireless sensors to transmit dancers motion over the internet and create sound in real time at remote class locations (Corfu, Nafplion).  Questions explored are: How can we enable students to use sensors as sources of sound control? How can we enable the collaboration of students in groups to create performance structures?  How can we create presentation scenarios meaningful to the public? Furthermore, what are the technical and aesthetic functional constraints for such a collaboration and how can we deal with failure, when unexpected things happen within the constrained framework? We document our engagement with these questions in the course of the collaboration through code examples, diagrams, photographs and videos.  Work methods discussed include the study of Iannis Xenakis work on strategy in comparison with game based strategies in choreography, and the adaptation of existing group improvisation exercises in our telematic framework. 


Author Biographies

Iannis Zannos, Ionian University

Iannis Zannos studied Composition, Musicology and Information Engineering with applications on Music. He is Professor for Computer Music at the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University. His main interests are cyberphysical performance arts, live coding and acoustic ecology. He works mainly with various Open Source programming environments such as SuperCollider and has collaborated in several international projects. Since 2018 he leads a project involving telematic dance performances taking place at distant locations worldwide, employing motion tracking with wearable devices and digital audio and graphics synthesis methods.

Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Department of Performing and Digital Arts, University of Peloponnese

Stella Dimitrakopoulou is a choreographer, a performance artist and academic.  She is currently Adjunct Lecturer in Dance at the Department of Performance and Digital Arts of the University of the Peloponnese. She holds a PhD in ‘Creative Practice: Dance’ and an MA in ‘Dance-Theatre: the body in performance’ (Trinity Laban, UK). She is a lecturer in Dance at the Department of Performing and Digital Arts at the University of Peloponnese. She also works as a performer, choreographer and dance dramaturg. She has organized the 2nd International Symposium Performance Philosophy School of Athens at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST, 2017). Her work has been presented in conferences, symposia and festivals in Europe, the UK and Brazil. IKY, ARTWORKS (SNF), DanceWEB, NEON and Trinity Laban have supported her academic and artistic research. 




How to Cite

Zannos, Iannis, and Stella Dimitrakopoulou. 2023. “Telematic Dance and Live Coding: Α Collaborative Experiment in Cyber-Physical Performance and Education”. Performance Philosophy 8 (1):ECHO #5.