Drifting: Integrating Embodied Practice and Making as a Compositional Process


  • Jaehoon Choi Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


digital performance and embodiment, Interaction Design, affordance


This paper will introduce the creative process of the project Drifting (2022), a recent sound art performance piece of the Brushing Series. The process of this work involves an organic integration between the design/making of technological medium and embodied experimentation, which forms a constant feedback loop between the two of them. This will be discussed from the notion of affordance and embodied musical practices. Furthermore, this paper will suggest the integration between those two as a compositional approach that can be effective when utilizing technological medium and gestural expressions.




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Choi, Jaehoon. 2023. “Drifting: Integrating Embodied Practice and Making As a Compositional Process”. Performance Philosophy 8 (1):ECHO #5. https://www.performancephilosophy.org/journal/article/view/415.