Performing with Technology


  • Jörgen Dahlqvist


This article departs from an intermedial theatre production and an acousmatic sound performance. In these productions the use of audio and video technology was central to mediate a manifold of perspectives on societal challenges concerning migration and xenophobia. The multi-channel radiophonic composition Karlskrona/Malmö (2017), revolved around the fictional murder of a left-wing activist. The performance was produced at the same time as several notable violent right-wing hate crimes took place in Sweden. Quite a few detention centres were set on fire in different places in Sweden, in Kärrtorp, a suburb of Stockholm, alt-right activists attacked a peaceful demonstration, and in Malmö, a well-known activist was beaten down by neo-Nazis. Our other example, Arrival Cities: Malmö (2013), was inspired by the book Arrival City (2010) by the Canadian journalist Doug Saunders which described the cities that have become ports for the people who have migrated. According to Saunders, these cities are places of loneliness and misery but at the same time dynamic focal points for the transformation of most of humanity from rural to urban citizens. The performance combined theatre with chamber- and electro-acoustic music and portrayed the migrant situation in Sweden a few years before the migrant wave hit Europe in 2015 and many countries closed their borders. 




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