Performing Philosophy in Asian Traditions


  • Arno Böhler University of Vienna
  • Adam Loughnane Kobe University
  • Graham Parkes University College Cork



Performing Philosophy in Asian Traditions

Author Biographies

Arno Böhler, University of Vienna

[email protected]

Arno Böhler (Assoc.Prof.) teaches philosophy at the University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy and leads the research project “Artist-Philosophers. Philosophy AS Arts-based-Research” (AR275-G21) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Website:

Adam Loughnane, Kobe University

[email protected]

Adam Loughnane is a Japan Foundation post-doctoral research fellow in the Graduate Department of Humanities at Kobe University in Japan.

Graham Parkes, University College Cork

[email protected]

Graham Parkes, born and raised in Glasgow, taught Asian and comparative philosophy at the University of Hawaii before taking up his present position at Professor of Philosophy at University College Cork, in Ireland. He has published several books and translations, and over a hundred journal articles and book chapters, on topics in Chinese, Japanese and European philosophies. He is currently finishing up a book with the title Climate Change and China: Ways toward Lives Worth Living.




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Böhler, Arno, Adam Loughnane, and Graham Parkes. 2015. “Performing Philosophy in Asian Traditions”. Performance Philosophy 1 (1):133-47.