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Ana Maria Almada De Alvarez

Born in Buenos Aires / Argentina and living in Sweden since 1983. Visual artist dedicated in recent years to develop an performative project: “Mediating Artifacts” through which I investigate the construction of a “heterotopic body”as a future requirementas (Heterotopi is a concept elaborated by M.Foucault and Mediating artifacts by L. Vigotskij) .The body is a unit that integrates perceptual, sensory and subjective aspects.
The political division in countries, ethnic groups, “races”, classes, biologies, etc. has contributed to relativizing our common origins (as a specie beween others) conditioning us physically and mentally to compete instead of collaborating. Reviewing our conception of body replacing the concept of self (referring to the extraction of the individual outside the social group) by the concept of selfhood (referring to the specificity of every particular experiences) can contribute to social change. I present the heterotopic body as a different way of understanding ourselves where the individual is seen as a generational continuity. Is it possible to modify our psychic orientation through performative acts? Ancestral memories exist? How do they manifest? When?