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PP Journal

As an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, Performance Philosophy (www.performancephilosophy.org/journal) publishes articles that interrogate what this field might be, and that test the relationship between performance and philosophy in all its possible configurations, including the philosophy of performance as well as performance-as-philosophy and philosophy-as-performance.

We are interested in scholarship that draws on a broad range of philosophical traditions, concerned with any aspect of philosophy, whether from Continental or Analytic traditions or beyond, and with any discipline or definition of performance, including but not limited to drama, theatre, dance, performance art, live art, and music.

In addition to articles and special issues, the journal curates special sections called [Margins] and ReViews.

  • [Margins] is dedicated to publishing creative, non-standard approaches to the manifold relationships that may arise out of the conjunction between performance and philosophy, including (but not limited to) ficto-criticism, aphorism, forays, manifestos, and visual essays. Read more on how to make a proposal for [Margins]
  • Whereas the traditional academic review in our field(s) provides an overview of recently published books or recently produced performances, ReView asks for something different. Authors of a ReView will craft either an essay-length piece of writing or a creative response (audio, visual, mixed-media) to a book, piece of music, live performance, news article, current event, or facet of everyday life that the author has already encountered at least once before in the course of her/his/their life. As such, the author will be re-viewing this book, artwork, etc. with the explicit purpose of bringing the methodologies and vocabularies of performance philosophy to bear on it. Read more on how to make a proposal for ReViews
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