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An invitation to my pre-existing blog: ‘Somewhere in Transition’

Hi there,

Glad to be part of this new association.  I started a blog last year after disbanding Apocryphal Theatre that was meant to be about that transition, but has turned out to be about many more.  I am working now on plans to make it into a durational performance – embracing the fact that it has many aspects from very personal to more critical/professional – like a ‘common place’…wanting to allow it as a document in the rough of real-time (or close thereto…) living-thinking-becoming….

The link is: http://julialebarclay.blogspot.com

Other than that, working on a book that may be a performance too at some point, about my grandmothers, both born in 1916 before women had the right to vote in the U.S., called ‘The Amazing, True, Imaginary Autobiography of Dick and Jani.’

And having way too much fun teaching Acting at the lovely Hunter College in NYC.  Using Joseph Chaikin’s ‘The Presence of the Actor’ as core text; check it out as an old-school but very effective combo of performance-philosophy.  Will be teaching at Brecht Forum soon, too: acting, performance writing and workshops – philosophical concerns/practice at the center of all the above. 

Looking forward to the conversations on this forum.  Excellent idea!

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