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Latour’s Investigation into Modes of Existence and Performance Philosophy

Dear all,

As a collaborator of Bruno Latour’s AIME team and as a member of the PP network, I have posted a contribution about performance philosophy (http://www.modesofexistence.org/inquiry/?lang=en#a=CONTRIB&c[leading]=COM&c[slave]=VOC&i[id]=#cont-11608&i[column]=COM&s=0) on the website of « An Inquiry into Modes of Existence ». The contribution was welcomed with interest, since performance philosophy seems to have some interesting points of connection with AIME: the substitution of a philosophy of experience to a philosophy of abstract thesis; questions about the embodiment of thought; “domains”, “institutions”, “fields” and the way they can either empower or divide the beings that we value, and so on. Thus, if some of you have read Latour’s book and/or know about the inquiry, I just want to let you know that an eventual contribution of your behalf about PP and its connections to AIME will be welcomed with great interest.

You can find all explanations you would need here: www.modesofexistence.org.

You can also email me with any question at [email protected].

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