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New performance and philosophy podcast: The Refrain – Getting in Sync With the World

New performance and philosophy podcast: The Refrain – Getting in Sync With the World

Fight With a Stick Performance, a company that has been focused on live performance for years, and is concerned with our interconnectedness with the other-than-human, has ventured into the podcast creation. The main source material for the first episode is Eduardo Kohn’s book, “How Forests Think: Towards an Anthropology Beyond the Human,” and also features the thinking of Jane Bennett in her book, “Vibrant Matter,” the work of forest ecologist Suzanne Simard, and others. The title of the podcast series is taken from Chapter 11 of Deleuze and Guattari’s “A Thousand Plateaus.” That chapter is the focus of the upcoming second episode. Each episode is a collaboration between spoken text and sound composition, and connects the work of philosophers, scientists, holders of traditional knowledge, and others to the work of creators of performances, with special focus on the work of Fight With a Stick. If you enjoy the podcast, please spread the word. It’s available on our website: https://www.fightwithastick.ca/podcast , and on the usual podcast platforms.

By Alex Lazaridis F

Artistic Director of Fight With a Stick Performance. The company creates live theatrical performances, a podcast, and video works. Our focus is on our interconnectedness with the other-than-human world we are part of. We are materials focused in our work, treating every object as a self. Faculty, School of the Arts, U of the Fraser Valley.

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