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Save the date! Helsinki 2021: June 9-12

Save the date! Helsinki 2021: June 9-12

SAVE THE DATE! Performance Philosophy Problems: How Does Performance Philosophy Collaborate?

Helsinki, June 9-12, 2021

The 5th biennial international conference on performance philosophy is hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki and it is arranged in collaboration with the Performance Philosophy Network. Please read the Vision Statement.

Our times have generated problems, the scope, depth, complexity and ubiquity of which are surpassing traditional procedures for solving them. As the problems we face change in nature so too must our ways of dealing with them. Global problems require new modes of collaboration, transversal combinations and inclusiveness, enabling all kinds of agents from different fields to unite their experiences and efforts. At the same time, existing organisations are compelled to rethink their reasons for existence, their values and ways of functioning. Performance Philosophy is not immune to this challenge.

The 5th Performance Philosophy biennial asks: what kinds of problems does working in the field of performance philosophy lead us to encounter and to articulate, and what tools does it provide to deal with them? The conference invites its participants – artists, philosophers, scholars, artist-researchers and performance philosophers, regardless of any particular genre, school or discipline – to articulate the range of performance philosophy problems, whose treatment calls for dialogue and collaboration between philosophy and the performing arts.

Key-groups – no keynotes!

The thematic openness of the conference is matched by its strategic aim: to develop non-hierarchical interaction and self-organisation between participants and to increase inclusiveness. This is why the conference is introducing a new organisational model, in which the habitual “keynote speakers” will be replaced by collective agencies: PPP Key Groups. The Groups will be created around a common topic, a “performance philosophy problem”. Each group may consist of artists, scholars, researchers, educators and other experts from within or outside academia. The already existing working groups, also from the other associations, are welcome to apply! (For more information, check the forthcoming Call for Participation).

Besides PPPKGs, the conference also welcomes individual proposals for paper-presentations, no-paper presentations, lecture-demonstrations, lecture-performances, workshops, panels and other interventions fitting with the focus of the event and the given circumstances. (For more information, check the forthcoming Call for Participation).

 Performance Philosophy Problems welcomes two types of proposals:

  1. individual & panel proposals
  2. PPP Key Groups proposals

The Call for Proposals for both types will be opened on September 1, 2020.

The already existing working groups, also from the other associations, are welcome to apply!

For any inquiries concerning the conference contents, please contact [email protected] 

For any inquiries concerning organizational matters: [email protected] 

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